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Areas of Training


We are constantly training and developing our team members to grow both personally and professionally. We encourage everyone to work together as a team to become more successful and learn from others. We provide Talent Management Training ranging from one on one sessions to group sessions.


We want all of our team members to be able to learn and grow within our organization. It is imperative to our growth as a company that we teach our team members to be able to learn in the right way. We utilize integration and engagement to train all of our team members and develop them to train others.


We work hard each and every day to ensure that our performance as a company is where we want it to be in order to grow. We do this by implementing a system that tracks each team members performance and keeps them accountable. We know that by teaching performance skills we are setting our team up for success.


We always want to make sure that we are hiring the right people to be a part of our team. Our Human Resources team sets up interviews, but it is up to our team to ensure that a candidate would be a good match. We teach our team members to be able to determine who would make a good fit and should be a part of our ever growing team.


We know that when starting a new position it can be a little intimidating and often times people can feel overwhelmed. We avoid this from happening by ensuring that each of our new team members has the opportunity to be mentored by some of our senior team members so that they are able to learn and grow within our company.


We strongly believe that you are able to grow both personally and professionally by utilizing your networking skills. We teach all of our team members to be able to network with others in our office as well as in public or at corporate events. We encourage our team members to make new acquaintances and grow as an individual.


Career Opportunities


Fair Dinkum Direct’s Human Resources team is the face of our company. They help us to grow as a whole. They are primarily responsible for recruiting and general administration. Each member of our Human Resources team starts at an Entry Level and has the opportunity to grow and develop their position within the company.


Our Assistant Manager position is one of the most beneficial opportunities in our company. This position is designed to develop our Junior Partners into Managing Partners. All of our Junior Partners start out at an Entry Level and are provided with training and developmental skills to fully understand what it takes to be a manager.


Our Management position is the highest position within our company. Our managers are responsible for the daily operations of the office and the training and development of the Account Managers, Senior Corporate Trainers and Junior Partners in the office. Our Managers always want our team to succeed and grow.

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