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Personal development happens constantly - make sure you're trading habits with the right people! https://t.co/dsyRjediuS FairdinkumOKC photo

What are you doing today, to ensure that oir children get to enjoy this earth tomorrow? #EarthDay https://t.co/6M0Ub5J6DL FairdinkumOKC photo

This old email from Steve Jobs will teach you everything you need to know about written communication https://t.co/SbNCl4OV18

I’m fully aware of the statistical probabilities at this point, but I choose to believe. And I always will. #ThunderUp


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Book Lovers Day | Fair Dinkum Direct Team

Book Lovers Day | Fair Dinkum Direct Team

It's said that you can learn a bit about a person from their favorite quote. On Book Lovers Day, we asked some of our Fair Dinkum Direct team members to share a quote from their favorite book. As you can see, each one has a unique book that they adore. What's your...

Meet AJ | Fair Dinkum Direct

Meet AJ | Fair Dinkum Direct

When we formed Fair Dinkum Direct back in 2015, we knew that our team and their professional growth had to come first. We wouldn’t be Oklahoma City’s fastest growing promotional sales and marketing firm without great people who work diligently to assist our client in making their goals happen. With that in mind, our management team finds that supporting our team to their individual goals and celebrating their accomplishments even more important. On a recent trip to Dallas for a networking event and conference, Chad and Gareth were able to highlight the work of two individuals from our firm and recognize them for their leadership. AJ Ayitey was one of them.

Meet Sunny | Fair Dinkum Direct

Meet Sunny | Fair Dinkum Direct

When you spend time at Fair Dinkum Direct, you get the sense of the fun and family like atmosphere. You’ll see that each team member looks out for each other and we encourage each other on in developing skills essential to a successful career. Sunny has become an integral part of the leadership team and has assisted in further developing many on the team towards their goals. In May, at an event the company attended in Texas, he was able to earn national recognition for his leadership at our firm. 

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