When we formed Fair Dinkum Direct back in 2015, we knew that our team and their professional growth had to come first. We wouldn’t be Oklahoma City’s fastest growing promotional sales and marketing firm without great people who work diligently to assist our client in making their goals happen. With that in mind, our management team finds that supporting our team to their individual goals and celebrating their accomplishments even more important. On a recent trip to Dallas for a networking event and conference, Chad and Gareth were able to highlight the work of two individuals from our firm and recognize them for their leadership. AJ Ayitey was one of them.

AJ is a bright and energetic individual enthusiastic to do well at Fair Dinkum Direct. People love AJ and its no surprise to see why. He’s a people person through and through, which helps him assist the client in their needs and gives AJ the ability to genuinely connect customers with the product. He cares very much about their needs and how he can make sure they have the right services from our client. Being able to work with people directly is what initially drew AJ to Fair Dinkum Direct. When he met with the management team, he really connected with the them and felt very welcome “From my coworkers, to the higher ups in the company, to the customers every day. I love people, so this seemed perfect fro me.”

Over the five months that AJ has tenured at Fair Dinkum Direct, he’s been able to take his experience in sales and account management and further his career through our management training and development program. Even though AJ started at our company with experience similar to what we do on a daily basis, he took on the role with an excellent student mentality, ready to learn everything and anything. He met weekly with team members to further his communication skills and set goals. Over the course of the five months here, his goals have gotten bigger and we’ve taken notice. With how he consistently impresses the client and his eagerness to help everyone on the team be better, we took the opportunity to recognize him at a major networking event. Congratulation to you AJ for everything you’ve accomplished so far. We know that you’re just getting started.

“I have become a better version of myself from being here and learning from the people I am around. The personal development workshops blow my mind every week.”