When you spend time at Fair Dinkum Direct, you get the sense of the fun and family like atmosphere. You’ll see that each team member looks out for each other and we encourage each other on in developing skills essential to a successful career. Sunny has become an integral part of the leadership team and has assisted in further developing many on the team towards their goals. In May, at an event the company attended in Texas, he was able to earn national recognition for his leadership at our firm.

Sunny is first generation American with a Pakistani heritage. Like many immigrant families, his parents inspired him to dream bigger and go further then he could imagine. As his biggest source of motivation, Sunny made sure to place himself with companies and people who could help him advance his career and live up to his parents expectations. It was with Fair Dinkum Direct that he found a great opportunity and amazing people to share it with.

He found that working at Fair Dinkum Direct fit his personality more than he expected. Walking in on day one, he loved the upbeat environment and immediate coaching provided by the leadership. Fair Dinkum Direct, in his opinion, is successful because they treat each member as an individual by showing interest in their unique goals and how the company can help them reach them. “I know that how I was trained is different then other people, because everyone learns differently and my coaches took the time to get to know me.” Something Sunny also noticed is that there is no seniority. No matter how long someone has been at the firm, they are recognized by only how hard they work.

With a great love of people and his incredible dedication to impressing the client, it was our honor to give Sunny recognition for his leadership. He has been an outstanding addition to the team and we are incredibly proud to work with him.